From: Leo Okawa Ericson <>


First some context on why I personally want this change.  I am
developing a package that allows users to interact with notmuch in a
specific way.  In particular, I need to know when
notmuch-show-next-thread succeeds or fails (there are no more messages
for this query).  See [1] for how I'm currently using notmuch.

I've implemented that change in this patch.  I've tested it manually,
but didn't understand how to make the test I wrote to work properly, so
I haven't included that in the patch.

Here is a basic test I tried to write in test/, but
the first "assert" fails.

> test_begin_subtest "notmuch-search-show-thread returns non-nil on success"
> test_emacs_expect_t  '(notmuch-search 
> "")
>       (unless (notmuch-search-show-thread)
>           (error "Expected non-nil when successfully showing a thread"))
>       (when (notmuch-show-next-thread)
>         (error "Expected nil when there are no more threads"))
> t'


Leo Okawa Ericson (1):
  emacs: Make notmuch-show-next-thread return nil on failure

 emacs/notmuch.el | 17 +++++++++--------
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

base-commit: e3ad0087f3453c89871acac8b11da8bab1ac54df

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