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> Leo <g...@relevant-information.com> writes:
>> From: Leo Okawa Ericson <g...@relevant-information.com>
>> Having notmuch-show-next-thread return non-nil on success and nil on
>> failure makes it easier for users to interact with notmuch via elisp.
> You talk about notmuch-show-next-thread, but you seem to be modifying
> notmuch-search-show-thread. That actually seems like a bit of a strange
> function to invoke programatically, since it deduces the argument from
> the current buffer.  It might be better for your code to call
> notmuch-show directly, since notmuch-search-show-thread is pretty tied
> to the internals of notmuch-search-mode.

I mentioned this in the reroll of the patch, but I modified
notmuch-search-show-thread because the return value of
notmuch-show-next-thread depends on it.  In case this is an XY
problem[1], what I want is the ability to go through each email in the
search buffer (like notmuch-show-next-thread does), and when there are
no more messages left I want to call a function.  Changing
notmuch-search-show-thread (and thereby notmuch-show-next-thread),
seemed to be the least intrusive way to do it.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XY_problem

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