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> Hi,
> I would like to move mails selected by a notmuch query
> (i.e. "tag:movethismailtobox-ThisBox") to *ThisBox*
> I need this to somewhat still have usable access through my phone IMAP
> client.

What I have is tags that represent IMAP folders, namedely "inbox",
"sent", "trash", "spam" and "all" (representing "All Mail" from Gmail).
And I use a similar set of functions as "inwit <in...@sindominio.net>",
albeit a bit shorter. I'll be attaching the file.

> I am actually using afew already, but as I have 1000+ mailboxes it is
> unmaintainable to create the rules manually.

I never used afew, but the way I do it doesn't require any manual rules
on the =pre-new= side of things, where I do the moving/renaming. I do
have to do some manual tagging, though, but that's manageable mainly
because I only have 6 mailboxes to handle and they all have similar
structure (and I seem to be able to replicate this structure in most
Mailbox mail providers).

> It wouldn't be very difficult to generate the necessary
>   notmuch search --output=files ... | xargs mv ...

That's pretty much the crux of if, and you should be able to come up
with your own way to suit your own needs. All its needed is basically to
remove the UID part of the filename indeed, though I do it with `sed`
instead of just using string expansion. My setup is basically me trying
to translate Andrew Tropin's setup [1]; see both where he defines
`move-out-untagged-messages` and `move-in-tagged-messages`. Notice that
they both have arguments which I haven't respected, and it would be much
easier to implement it in a proper programming language, but I don't
like to rely on having any language installed cause I'd rather have my
setup work on any Unix-like computer I have to deal with in different
contexts, in which some of them I have a restriction on the installation
of packages). There he is using Guile on Guix Home to generate
configuration files, sort of doing what you alluded as being your first
option, though not really scripting, and with that he has the power of a
general purpose programming language which so happens to also be a Lisp.

> but, there is a catch: I use isync to synchronize my mails with my IMAP
> server and therefor I must rename every message file when moving it.  As
> I am not enough aware of maildir and IMAP servers, I am pretty ignorant
> to what the new filename should be.

I also use isync, and I seem to have been able to keep my phone's mail
structure (looking through a mail app) largely in sync with my personal
files. All I haven't been able to do, mostly because I haven't finished
my mail server setup yet (also doesn't apply to my phone), is to also
sync the notmuch tags, since only a handful of tags are responsible for
moving away my mail.

Also, one other caveat is that you'd best have tagging shortcuts that
remove all other tags that map to a folder, since that may cause
confusion and continuous moving of files, e.g. if you have +inbox +sent
in your mail, on one sync it might be moved to the inbox/ folder and on
the other to the sent/ folder, depending on the order of the tags on
your script. Keep in mind that this only applies to my case, in which I
want to keep 5 different folders in sync. If you just want to move from
inbox/ to somewhere else, especially if you're only concerned with
trash/, junk/ or whatever, it should be simpler, needing only to search
for mails with such tags. I'll also be attaching my tagging
configuration for notmuch in Emacs.

[1] https://github.com/abcdw/rde/blob/master/rde/features/mail.scm#L547

I have a file for the moving of mail portion, given that I use it in
both =pre-new= and =post-new= hooks:

# moving mail rules for notmuch
# the moving of mails is adapted from:
# https://github.com/abcdw/rde/blob/master/rde/features/mail.scm
alias nmsearch="$(command -v notmuch) search --exclude=false --output=files -- 
not folder:queued and"

# move out untagged messages
move_out() {
    for tag in inbox sent trash spam; do
        # if the $tag was removed, but the file still is in the folder, move it 
        for f in $(nmsearch path:"/.*\/${tag}\//" and not tag:"$tag" | grep 
"/${tag}/"); do
            new=$(echo "$f" | sed "s;/${tag}/;/all/;" | sed 's/,U=[0-9]*:/:/')
            [ -f "$f" ] && mv -v "$f" "$new"

# move in tagged messages
move_in() {
    for tag in inbox sent trash spam; do
        # if the $tag was added, and the file is not on the folder, move it in
        for f in $(nmsearch not path:"/.*\/${tag}\//" and tag:"$tag"); do
            new=$(echo "$f" | sed "s;/[[:alnum:]]*/cur/;/${tag}/cur/;" | sed 
            [ -f "$f" ] && mv -v "$f" "$new"

case $1 in
    out) move_out ;;
    in) move_in ;;
    *) move_out
And this is my =pre-new= hook:

# commands/hooks to run before `notmuch new`
alias nmsearch="$(command -v notmuch) search --exclude=false --output=files -- 
not folder:queued and"

# do the moving things

# remove files tagged with 'rm', a tag i use to actually delete emails
for f in $(nmsearch --output=files -- tag:rm); do [ -f "$f" ] && echo rm -i 
"$f"; done

mbsync -c "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-${HOME}/.config}/isync/mbsyncrc" -a
The relevant part of my Emacs configuration for notmuch is the

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(defconst notmuch-mark-deleted-tags '("+trash" "-inbox" "-archived" "-sent" 
  "List of tags to mark for deletion.")

(defconst notmuch-mark-removed-tags (cons "+rm" notmuch-mark-deleted-tags)
  "List of tags to mark for removal.")

(defconst notmuch-mark-spam-tags '("+spam" "-inbox" "-trash" "-sent" 
  "List of tags to mark as spam.")

(defconst notmuch-mark-flagged-tags '("+flagged")
  "List of tags to mark as important (flagged).")

(defconst notmuch-mark-shopping-tags '("-inbox" "+shopping")
  "List of tags to mark as shopping.
This is related to emails from stuff I buy online.")

(defconst notmuch-mark-financial-tags '("-inbox" "+finance")
  "List of tags to mark as financial.")

(defconst notmuch-mark-meeting-tags '("-inbox" "+meeting")
  "List of tags to mark as meeting.")

(defconst notmuch-mark-account-tags '("-inbox" "+account")
  "List of tags to mark an e-mail as accounts related.
That is, this e-mail in particular is something link a
confirmation of registering or something similar.")

(setq notmuch-archive-tags '("-inbox" "+archived")
      notmuch-message-replied-tags '("+replied")
      notmuch-message-forwarded-tags '("+forwarded" "+sent" "-inbox" "-trash" 
      notmuch-show-mark-read-tags '("-unread")
      notmuch-draft-tags '("+draft" "-inbox" "-sent" "-trash" "-spam")
      `((,(kbd "r") notmuch-show-mark-read-tags "Mark as read")
        (,(kbd "u") ("+unread") "Mark as unread")
        ;; (,(kbd "c") notmuch-mark-complete-tags "Complete and archive")
        (,(kbd "d") notmuch-mark-deleted-tags "Mark for deletion")
        (,(kbd "R") notmuch-mark-removed-tags "Mark for removal")
        (,(kbd "f") notmuch-mark-flagged-tags "Flag as important")
        (,(kbd "s") notmuch-mark-spam-tags "Mark as spam")
        (,(kbd "S") notmuch-mark-shopping-tags "Mark as shopping")
        (,(kbd "F") notmuch-mark-financial-tags "Mark as financial")
        (,(kbd "M") notmuch-mark-meeting-tags "Mark as meeting")
        (,(kbd "A") notmuch-mark-account-tags "Mark as account")))

Best regards (and sorry for the long mail),

João Pedro de Amorim Paula
IT undergraduate at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)
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