On Tue May 24, 2022 at 12:01 AM CEST, erik colson wrote:
> Do I understand correctly that I only have to remove the U=... part from
> the filename when moving a message?  That seems so easy I hardly believe
> it ;)

Yeah, that is correct. But it proved trickier than it seemed to me (thus the
safeMove2 attempt). 

I must confess that I've holding this tag/folder scheme for over a year now, and
that I'm more and more inclined to reduce the amount of folders that I keep
(I've recently fused 3 or 4 of my biggest folders into Archive, for example).
I'm trying to reduce my use of portable devices, and the truth is that search
engines offered by webmail are slowly getting better, so I feel less exposed by
not having my mail ranged in folders. I guess the whole tag-based paradigm is
also settling down on my mind, although I still feel that its nowadays a bit odd
to rely on a single local copy instead of a cloud-based solution. For this last
problem, there have been some interesting developments recently that I need to
investigate (precisely, the nmbug evolution).

Anyway, notmuch rocks. :)
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