Am Di., 4. Apr. 2023 um 00:54 Uhr schrieb Carl Worth <>:
> Ouch.

Yes, we're feeling with you, Fulvio :|

> It's really unfortunate if notmuch-mutt makes it that easy to throw away
> your email.
> That sounds like a nasty bug that should be fixed in that program.

To be fair to notmuch-mutt:
--output-dir DIR

Store search results as (symlink) messages under maildir DIR. Beware: DIR will
be overwritten. (Default: F<~/.cache/notmuch/mutt/results/>)
So the default is safe, and the warning is there. It would be a bug
only if notmuch-mutt descended up and deleted a root dir or such.
Maybe naming the option `scratch-dir` or `cache-dir` or such could
have helped, but otoh the name of the default is there.

Note that neomutt incorporates notmuch-mutt's functionality, it might
be a better choice for this and other reasons.

> As for recovering, I suppose there _is_ a fair amount of detail in your
> notmuch index from all of the position-indexed terms, (as long as you
> haven't run "notmuch new" again since the mail was deleted).
> If you still have a large Xapian database in the notmuch database
> directory, it would be theoretically possible to recover a lot of the
> email content. But I don't know that anyone has ever written a recovery
> tool to help with that process.

That is an interesting question for the insiders, indeed - can e-mail
bodies be recovered fully (minus capitalisation, stemming)?

In Fulvio's case I would try a file-system dump (if it's not too late)
and a recovery tool depending on the fs type.

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