On Tue, Apr 04 2023, Michael J. Gruber wrote:
>> It's really unfortunate if notmuch-mutt makes it that easy to throw away
>> your email.
>> That sounds like a nasty bug that should be fixed in that program.
> To be fair to notmuch-mutt:
> ```
> --output-dir DIR
> Store search results as (symlink) messages under maildir DIR. Beware: DIR will
> be overwritten. (Default: F<~/.cache/notmuch/mutt/results/>)
> ```
> So the default is safe, and the warning is there. It would be a bug
> only if notmuch-mutt descended up and deleted a root dir or such.

OK. It's definitely acting as documented. So maybe "bug" was a little
harsh in my description.

It could still be made safer, and I think it would be a good idea to
change it.

For example, notmuch-mutt currently happily creates a directory that
doesn't already exists. That's safe and good.

What it could also do is create some placeholder file like
.NOTMUCH-MUTT-OUTPUT-DIR when it writes its output. And then it could
check for that file's existence before removing a directory.

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