On Sat, Apr 15, 2023 at 12:26:33PM -0300, David Bremner wrote:
> James Cook <falsif...@falsifian.org> writes:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > If I'm not mistaken, calling notmuch_database_open_with_config with
> > config_path = NULL causes notmuch to try to find the config file
> > automatically.
> >
> > It would be nice if that were documented in the notmuch(3) man page. I
> > can try drafting a patch if that would help.
> >
> > (This message brought to you by trying to understand neomutt's notmuch
> > code...)
> Here is what i see in the notmuch(3) man page:
>         config_path Path to config file.
>            Config file is key-value, with mandatory sections. See 
> notmuch-config(5) for more
>            information. The key-value pair overrides the corresponding 
> configuration data stored in the
>            database (see notmuch_database_get_config)
>            If config_path is NULL use the path specified
>            • in environment variable NOTMUCH_CONFIG, if non-empty
>            • by XDG_CONFIG_HOME/notmuch/ where XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to 
> '$HOME/.config'.
>            • by $HOME/.notmuch-config
>            If config_path is '' (empty string) then do not open any 
> configuration file.
>            profile Name of profile (configuration/database variant).
>            If non-NULL, append to the directory / file path determined for 
> config_path and
>            database_path.
>            If NULL then use
>            • environment variable NOTMUCH_PROFILE if defined,
>            • otherwise 'default' for directories and '' (empty string) for 
> paths.
> I'm not claiming the documentation is perfect, but it seems to be
> documented? Is there maybe some version skew between your man pages and
> library?
> d

Oops, I have that too.

I didn't realize there was further documentation after the summary in
the "Functions" section. This is much better! Thanks.

It is possible that a short note indicating that detailed descriptions
will follow, placed at the top of the man page and/or at the top of the
"Functions" section, would have saved me from my impatience. I think I
do tend to read the first sentence or two of a man page before just
searching for what I'm looking for. But absent such a note, maybe I can
be excused for paging through a few screenfuls of API summary and
assuming that's all there was.

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