James Cook <falsif...@falsifian.org> writes:

> It is possible that a short note indicating that detailed descriptions
> will follow, placed at the top of the man page and/or at the top of the
> "Functions" section, would have saved me from my impatience. I think I
> do tend to read the first sentence or two of a man page before just
> searching for what I'm looking for. But absent such a note, maybe I can
> be excused for paging through a few screenfuls of API summary and
> assuming that's all there was.

I'm a bit reluctant to invest much effort in the current Doxygen based
API docs (I'm hoping we eventually replace them with something more
compatible with the rest of the sphinx-doc based documentation). On the
other hand if someone else out there is a better Doxygen wrangler than I
and the fix is relatively small, I don't see why we wouldn't apply that

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