--- Comment #15 from Ilia Mirkin <> ---
(In reply to Luke Tidd from comment #14)
> kernel 4.7.4-1-ARCH
> nomodeset single
> # nvapeek 2240c
> ...
> testing working kernel now.

Hm, that means that the bit we're checking is 0, which indicates that the VBIOS
hasn't run. This is, of course, patently false, since it seems like this is the
only video card in the system, and it's working (right? you're at the console,
the screen is on, etc?)

And, I'm guessing, in the new kernel we're now running the vbios whereas we
previously didn't use to. And running it a second time destroys the universe
for some reason.

Separately, I just happened to notice that you have vesafb turned on. I wonder
if this somehow upsets matters. Any chance you could flip that off?

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