--- Comment #20 from Ilia Mirkin <> ---
(In reply to Luke Tidd from comment #18)
> I don't see "bios: running init tables" but here is the entire dmesg.

Indeed. So the "working" state is to not run the VBIOS. Something in there is
upsetting matters (normally running the VBIOS a second time doesn't hurt
anything, it's just pointless work and can cause a flicker). Assuming that
disabling vesafb doesn't help (the way those legacy interfaces are implemented
can be pretty brittle), please include

(a) /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/vbios.rom (from any boot)
(b) nouveau.debug=debug,bios=trace output from a *broken* kernel boot

Ideally that should provide some further things to look at.

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