--- Comment #27 from Ilia Mirkin <> ---
Looking at our VBIOS repo, we have a bunch (but not all) of GF104's that are
missing the 0x2240c write as well as one GK107. Every other (GF100+) GPU sets
0x2240c. I guess it's not as reliable as we'd hoped.

This is how I checked:

for i in nv[cdef]?/*/*.rom nv1??/*/*.rom; do echo $i; nvbios $i |& grep
0x02240c; done

And looked for files without a 'NV_REG   R[0x02240c] &= 0xfffffffd |=
0x00000002' command.

Although that in itself shouldn't be a major issue - rerunning the VBIOS
shouldn't cause issues...

Looking at a mmiotrace that came with one of those GF104 VBIOSes that are
missing a 0x2240c write, it doesn't seem like the VBIOS gets executed there, or
at least not that script. It's late and I could have messed up though.

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