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This is great Zoltan, thanks.

Having a C++-only fork of Nox is long overdue.  There are many Nox developers 
who have expressed interest in this.  Off hand, I would suggest that we pull in 
Amin's changes (which makes Nox blazingly fast) and remove most spurious apps.


For those of you, who might be interested, I pushed a hacked version of Zaku 
with OF 1.1 support to: https://github.com/TrafficLab/nox11oflib. Basically 
NOX's OF handling has been replaced with oflib from the 1.1 soft switch 
implementation (https://github.com/TrafficLab/of11softswitch), plus a lot of 
stuff has been removed or changed to make it work.

It misses a lot of features available in Zaku, yet I believe this could be a 
good platform for anyone to start prototyping OF 1.1 ideas, until the 
"official" OF 1.1 support is ready.
If you would like to use this version and have any questions, found a bug, or 
would like to reimplement missing features, feel free to contact me.

- No python support
- Experimenter features (OFMP, SNAT, switch manager,... ) has been removed
- Almost all apps have been removed (discovery app is available; reimplemented 
in C++)
- oflib is in pure C, so sending/receiving OF messages involves structs and 
pointer arrays (yet this is not as inconvenient as it sounds)


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