I am not sure about that, but I think you should use a concrete reference whenever you compile against something - since you are taking *direct* dependency on it.

Transitive dependencies will work for runtime or test scope, where projectB needs projectC in order to run correctly.


Am 05.04.11 15:28, schrieb Khai Do:
Hello, Can anybody tell me if transitive dependencies work when using npanday?  
I have a .NET multi module project and have the following simple scenario where 
transitive dependency isn't working.  I'm using java 1.6, maven 2.2.1, and 

I have 3 projects: projectA, projectB and projectC.

projectB depends on projectA.  ProjectB and projectA build just fine.    I create 
projectC which depends on projectA&  projectB.  When I create my projectC 
pom.xml  I add projectB as the only  dependency keeping in mind that maven should 
pull in projectA through its transitive dependency mechanism.  However when I build 
projectC it fails and says that it can't find classes from projectA.

When I add projectA as a dependency to projectC then it builds just fine.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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