Hi folks,

I am investigating NPanday to see how it can help us solve some of our
runtime dependency issues.
So, I created a new project as advertised in the Quick Start example,
generated the POMs etc. At this stage, it works as advertised.
Then I added a new project to the solution. As it was meant to be a unit
test project, I wanted to add NUnit as a Maven artifact. VS asked me
regenerate the POMs. So first question here: do we have to regenerate all
POMs in a solution everytime we add a new project?
Then I added a reference to the first project using VS dialog as said in
the documentation. Nothing is added in the pom. And without surprises, the
Maven build fails.
If I regenerate the POMs, the reference is added, but the one to NUnit is

Am I missing something?
What is the correct workflow to perform this simple action?


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