Dude it's called BRAIN DAMAGE...get a Cat Scan... let's  confirm my 
suspicion... :-0
In a message dated 6/29/2006 11:49:41 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  

i am  absolutely speechless on this one!!  puffy the beautiful one?? im so  
lost?  can someone translate for me?

<Moderator: I don't even  think I want to know the back stories that are 
wrapped around  this...  -Derek>

Kelly Salaam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:  Is there a deeper, more 
creative video planned than could happen,  much to my gasp,
ya know, fear and astonishment if yaw''ll do some sort of  scary Urban 
sitting down knee thing for the Beautiful, Loved and Blessed?  Prince , I
LOVE You, 
but will you please let Puffy play the beautiful one? and  you the villain. 
Storyboards are important.

so incoherent in my life.  Are you a related to George Bush? -Derek>

Click here: Inside Prince's Secret Late Night Concert -  TMZ.com

Some  idea of what went on last night. Just found this by  accident.

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