Yup...I had pre-ordered the B'Day CD on iTunes...it may grow  on me but for 
now I'm gonna have to give it a thumbs down...I guess I expected  the rest
the record to be more like DeJa Vu....Beyonce' backed with a live
it is not. Aside from  a few songs it's track and  sample laden.  I just
that we've been there done that  with her and  I was looking forward to her 
taking Prince's advice and  allowing real musicians to back her.  Also it 
starts to all sound alike  after awhile.
Highlights on the album:
-DeJa Vu
-Listen (inspired by her role in Dreamgirls..worth a  listen.  Listen to the

track before it entitled "Encore for the  Fans")
-Get Me Bodied
-Suga Mama
-Ring The Alarm (grew on me)
2nd listen may see growth...we'll see...curious what others  think though.
In a message dated 9/7/2006 9:43:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  

Yeah,  there seems to be some pre-determined hate going on with this   
review. I mean, we all know it's Justin Timberlake in the end. He's   
not pretending to be the greatest musician or singer by any means.   
And personally, out of all the similar artists, I like him best. He   
doesnt wear jewelry/bling and over do it - he always looks fairly   
down to earth to me. Yeah, I think he's using better musicians to   
make himself look better - why wouldnt he? And I do think he's   
copying a lot of Prince - but it's hard to tell - Prince's influence   
is everywhere! The album title reminds me of a combination of   
LoveSexy and Dance/Music/Sex/Romance. But I'm not mad at that,  either.

I havent heard the Beyonce album yet. Anyone? Any  thoughts?

Now, the Christina Aguilera album sounds factory-made to me.  It's  
good - but its so so polished, and her vocals sound way to  perfect  
and slick to me. Nothing on it sounds natural to my ears -  it all  
sounds too planned and worked out. Not sure about the songs  yet  
(havent listened much) - but upon 1 or 2 listens, it's not   
immediately catchy.

This is supposed to be the big surge for the  music industry right now  
- JT, Beyonce, Christina, Janet - not that  exciting in reality. Can't  
wait for the new D'Angelo album next  year!! :-) - he's on J Records  
now (Clive Davis's  label).

Speaking of which... anyone see Angie Stone on Celebrity Fit  Club  
(VH1)?? Humiliating TV.


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