Wow....I'm deeply saddened by this loss :-( My condolances to all Melinda's
family and friends she will be missed.

aka lovenharmony

From: "Damon Oliver" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: RE: NPNY: Re: R.I.P. Melinda aka Nena luvsexy747
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 20:47:24 -0500

Melinda was one of my very best friends, i am still in shock and cant
believe she's gone. She will always be with me, and with NPNY. My
thoughts and prayers are wth her family. i really dont know what to say.


<Moderator: You and me both my friend. I am sorry I had to break the news
you. I know she was closer to you then to me -Derek>


  From:  Joe Kelley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Subject:  NPNY: Re: R.I.P. Melinda aka Nena luvsexy747
  Date:  Sun, 04 Feb 2007 14:02:38 -0500
 >Derek and NPNY
 >Wow, this is really sad news. Great lady and I can remember talking
 >here at the Musicology movie concert in Connecticut.  She used to
  live in
 >Rhode Island and had moved to Florida. She was so happy about here
  life down
 >Is this storm-related?
 >Keep us posted on this Derek as I am sure you will.
 >Take care,
 >Joe Kelley
 ><Moderator: I got a little bit more information. She passed away in
  a car
 >accident. My heart is very heavy right now. Damon and his girlfriend
 >able to find out that there will be a Service on Tuesday and the
  funeral is
 >Wednesday in Rhode Island.  -Derek>
 >----- Original Message -----
 >From: "Derek" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 >To: <>
 >Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2007 11:55 AM
 >Subject: NPNY: R.I.P. Melinda aka Nena luvsexy747
 >> Just got word from Myspace of all places!  I am in total shock
  right now.
 >> She just posted to the list Tuesday about her Superbowl
  experience and I
 >> looking forward to hearing more. I don't even know what to say
  right now.
 >> am real freaked out right now. Melinda was a really good friend
  and I am
 >> going to miss her a lot!
 >> I am trying to find out more information what happened. so If
  anyone knows
 >> please pass the information on to me.
 >> As far as I am concerned tonight's Half-time show is dedicated
 >>                                          Peace

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