Columbia is not happy because it damages the relationship they have with
their retailers in England, so just the UK branch of SONY BMG pulled out...
because their retailers were upset.

Columbia overall is probably still miffed because apparently this deal was
in the works before he got into talks with them, and it's unclear whether
they knew it or not.  I'm sure Columbia hoped to make a lot of money
servicing retail outlets in the UK on the back of Prince's 21 night run.
The biggest marketing opportunity locally in the UK and his move undercuts
that by already saturating the market and side-stepping their distribution
outlets by using his own (a newspaper & concert).

> Was it the record company who was mad or record industry. If it was record
> company then my  mistake. Yeah, that doesn't make sense.
> <Moderator: rereading the article it looks like Columbia is not happy
> about
> the giveaway as well as retailers.
> -Derek>
> In a message dated 7/4/07 7:32:17 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> Maybe  this time, the record company gets a cut of the concert take while
> they are distributing and pressing them as per usual?
> They get a  cut out of the concert revenues where the cd is given as  part
> of
> the ticket as well as some of the regular release revenue (in  countries
> where
> it is being released for sale like  usual)?
> <Moderator: If that was the case why are they mad?   -Derek>

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