Perhaps in Las Vegas, like "One Nite Alone" at the Aladdin?


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> And here I thought "All the Critics Love him in NY"  ROFL
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> Agreed. My review of Planet  Earth is: "what IS this?" These are
> definitely the rehearsal sessions from Rainbow Children and Musicology.
> I'm happy to hear him playing interesting guitar a little more, but I
> wish he'd play more guitar on less hokey songs.
> Couldn't he have sold Sony that C-Note album or something? Rainbow
> Children?
> Then maybe people would actually HEAR that album? This Sony/Motown stuff
> is hard to listen to. I am clearly an indie label Prince fan, I guess,
> because this is two of these crappy albums in a ROW. I hope he has some
> bootleg something planned.
> That being  said, I think it would take "Sign O The Times Part 2" to
> please some of us fans. We're really hard on him. I know I am. But
> that's what happens.
> <Moderator: When I heard the title "Planet Earth" for the first time I
> didn't know what to expect. I was really hoping for a SOTT Part 2. PE is
> a great title track and it would of been nice if he Prince had built on
> that.
> Maybe if he was a more worldly person. I he needs to get out and be the
> streets again. Visit a third world country. Experience the life when you
> don't have millions of dollars to comfort you. He is way too shelters.
> Worry too much about the music industry and not the art that pays the
> bills. I am sorry but I can't relate anymore.  -Derek>
>> <Moderator: No worries, the album sucks too. You can wait till you get
>> home. Planet Earth is basically Chaos and Disorder Pt. 2. Only
>> difference is they are a better choice of songs in PE. I am extremely
>> dissapointed in PE. You would think after taking a year off he would
>> have some strong material ready for release. There are maybe 3 gems in
>> an album of 10 tracks. I think most of these tracks ar left over from
>> TRC, ONA, Musicology and 3121.  -Derek>

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