I have a feeling that the release of 'Large Room' was his statement.  
Haven't time or energy to  do the old "decode Prince's intentions"   
bit. I ALMOST expected to see him in LA at the Memorial, but can you  
imagine the chaos that  would ensue?

I'll tell you this, Michael's death makes me want to  celebrate  
artists while they are  ALIVE. Doesn't mater if you are a Yo-Yo Ma  
fan or a Ghostface Killer fan, GET you a T-shirt!! Can you imagine  
what the media would be like after P's death? Between the bootlegs  
being played on the air and the live footage on VH-1, and TV-One  
playing "Graffiti Bridge", and CNN doing stories with "Eye CU" on the  
screen, and the org becoming the second highest trafficked site on  
the internet, we'd have to send Derek to the moon! NO rest! No rest!  
Interviews all day!!

<Moderator: I don't think the death of Prince would have that big of an
impact as Michael Jackson's did. MJ started as a child star. We watched him
grow up and become whatever he became. His music was a lot more accessible
and he legitimately cared what he fans thought. 

Prince the other hand doesn't care about you and would sue to prove another
point in his personal vendetta against the internet. He has done everything
humanly possible to destroy his fan base.

I should write an article one day about subject one day. Maybe when he too
passes on.  -Derek>

On Jul 15, 2009, at 3:57 PM, chanel0...@aol.com wrote:

> Just a thought today.  Did anyone hear if Prince made any comment  
> on the
> death of Michael Jackson?  ( I apologize for this late inquiry)
> P.S.  I miss my NY people.
> <Moderator: We miss you too chica! Ahh don't really except him too.  
> Maybe he
> will make a comment at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Maybe not!  -Derek>

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