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Please see below for important information related to the 2020 Federal Youth 
Transition Plan: A Federal Interagency Strategy, created by the Federal 
Partners in Transition Workgroup to improve programs for youth with 
disabilities moving from school to work or higher education.

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The Federal Partners in Transition 
 a workgroup with representatives of several federal agencies, developed an 
interagency strategy to support students and youth with disabilities in 
reaching their goals of economic empowerment and independence. As a result of 
this collaborative effort, The 2020 Federal Youth Transition Plan: A Federal 
 315KB) was approved by Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, 
Labor, and the Social Security Administration to improve transition outcomes 
for students and youth with disabilities.

  *   Federal Partners in Transition Web 
Also Spotlighted on OSERS 

Caroline A. MaGee, M.Ed.
Project Coordinator
Secondary Special Education & Transition
National Post-School Outcomes Center
University of Oregon
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