Can u please clarify ur question.
I am not sure if it is working, but I want to make some nodes more
powerful than the rest.
But with the threshold value for a given range, nodes are not receiving
any packets.

> Hi Sita
> Can you manage to set different ranges for different nodes
> regards
> Qasim
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to simulate a network where the interrow spacing is 19m and
>> intercolumn spacing is 24m. I have the node's sensing range as 15m.
>> Looking at some old mail in this mailing list:
>> It depends on what carrier-sensing range do you want. If you use the
>> default values, your carrier-sense range will be about twice the
>> receiving
>> range. If you would like to see the effects of hidden nodes in your
>> simulation, you should set carrier-sensing range same as the receiving
>> range. So, if you want to set receiving range 'd_1' and carrier sensing
>> range 'd_2' (you must have d_2>d_1), then with 'd_1'
>> provides
>> you the RXThresh_ and the same program with input parameter 'd_2' will
>> give you CSThresh_.
>> I generated RxThresh_ using the threshold program and varied it as
>> mentioned above. The source generates packets but it is not picked up by
>> any other node. why?
>> Also, changing Pt_ alone to control transmission range - is that
>> acceptable?
>> Any suggestions welcome.
>> Regards,
>> Sita

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