I am using ns-2.29. I am trying to simulate a scenario
by using TORA. I was running into a problem with
port-dmux, I figured that out by searching through the
mailing list archives, just changed the files
accordingly and recompiled ns. I am not getting that
problem anymore.

When I run the script now, I get a segmentation fault.
I am using the DropTail/PriQueue. I have also tried
CMUPriQueue but that also comes up with a segmentation
fault. Which PriQueue is going to work with TORA in

What is this problem with using different priority
queues? I was getting a segmentatin fault when I was
using DropTail/PriQueue with DSR and when I changed
that to CMUPriQueue it worked OK.

Can you please explain what do I have to do in order
to fix the segmentation fault in case of TORA. I have
run gdb as well, and the segmentation fault has really
something to do with PriQueue.

Qasim Javed

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