The ns-allinone-2.27 package should be placed within your cygwin home
directory. Pls follow the instructions give here..


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Hello Tanaka

Cygwin recreates a "linux like" directory tree (/, /bin, /etc, ...)
located in the directory where cygwin is installed (typically
c:/cygwin). From cygwin you can only access the files located in this
directory. For example to go to the directory c:/cygwin/ns-allinone-2.27
you should use the command: cd /ns-allinone-2.27


Gilles Bertrand
Telecom INT- University of Stuttgart

Tanaka Hiroaki a écrit :

>Dear ns-2 user,
>I am Japanese and major in communication engineering, queueing theory,
>and stochastic
>geometry. I would like to perform P2P networks. My name is Hiroaki
>I would like to install Network Simulator 2(ns-2) so I installed the
>program that Cygwin
>bash shell in a personal computer for research.  However, I could not
>install the package
>Here are the copy of my shell's script. I would like to change
>directory, but I couldn't.
>$  cd c:\Program Files\ns-allinone-2.27
>bash: cd: c:Program: No such file or directory
>$ cd c:\programfiles
>bash: cd: c:programfiles: No such file or directory
>$ cd c:programfiles
>bash: cd: c:programfiles: No such file or directory
>(quote end)
>I have done another try. Visual Studio was run and read "install" file,
>which seems to be
>written by C++. I included "install" file and ran. However, an error
>"comment sentences
>were unexpectedly interrupted. " was exploded.
>Would you mind if you show and teach me how to install ns-2?
>Osaka University,
>Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
>Department of Information and Physical Sciences
>Domain of Operations Research
>Ishii Lab. 2-1, Yamadaoka, Suita, 565-0871, JAPAN
>Hiroaki Tanaka
>TEL: +81-6-6879-5111 Int.3641

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