Hi Jeevash

There are two method to do it.

Method a)
You calculate the RxThreshold using a small program written in C called
threshold.cc locayed in the folder ns-2.29/indep-utils/propogation/

compile the file as  g++ threshold.cc

then run the program /a.out with the required distance you want to transmit.

In this case the transmit power remains the same as 0.2818 (default 250m)
and also the Carrier Sense Threshold (CSThresh) will remain 550+ but the
nodes that are 100+ meter away will drop the packages that they receive
considering it an error.

Method b) You only change the Pt_ value to 7.214e-3 , This will set the
maximum transmission range of the node to 100m.

so you can choose which option you want to go for

I hope this helps


> Hi friends,
>                  What are the values to be set in the TCL file to make
> the transmission range 100m. In some mail i got some pointer for this
> but i am not getting them clearly. There i have to set Pt_ variable to
> a
> fixed value. Is it the only value I have to change? or it need some
> more changes. Then what is the use of values written below other than
> Pt_.
>   CPThresh_ 10.0
> CSThresh_ 1.559e-11
> RXThresh_ 3.652e-10
> Rb_ 2.0e6
> Pt_ 0.2818
> freq_ 914e+6
> L_ 1.0
>     Please help me. Thanks a lot.
>   jeevesh kumar
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Kind regards

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