Hi all,

I have file.cc and file.h and I put that in for example ~/tcp/file.cc and 

Now I make neccesary modifications and among other things in OBJ_CC section on 
"Makefile" I have put this
tcp/file.o \

When I do "./configure" and "make" and "make install" I do not have "file.o" 
under path where I put file.cc and file.h.

In futher, I open "Makefile" after congifure,make and make install procedure 
and there is no line I put - the line I mentioned above tcp/file.o \

How can disapear a coplete line from "Makefile" ?

Am I missing something here?

When I try to start ns on prompt I have something like this:

machine:/mypath/# ns
[code omitted because of length]
: invalid command name "Agent/TCP/WestwoodNR"
    while executing
"Agent/TCP/WestwoodNR set current_bwe_ 0"
machine:/mypath/# ns

Thank you.

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