Hello P.

actually I need only the values of the bind variables in the AODV agent. The 
binding itsself works - I've tested it.
What I want is to use the value of, let's say, rq_context in the function 
AODV::sendRequest(). This variable has the value of 0, it gets it in the 
simulation script:

        set context1 [new Agent/Context]
        $ns_ attach-agent $node_(1) $context1
        $context1 set rq_cxt_otcl 0     
        $context1 set rt_cxt_otcl 5     

But I don't know how to call on the current instance of my ContextAgent out of 
the function sendRequest()to be able to us the value of rq_context???

// call in AODV-function
AODV::sendRequest(nsaddr_t dst) {
        ContextAgentObject = ????;
        rq->rq_cxt = ContextAgentObject->rq_context;   //value of rq_context 
should be 0



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