i searched the internet and i find Multi-InteRfAce Cross-Layer Extension 
library for the Network Simulator. its written on there website that In this 
release, in addition to MIRACLE library, it is included a set of libraries to 
simulate wireless system networks, in detail:

Traffic generators

TCP Agents

IP modules

IEEE802.11 (both the one from standard ns distribution and Multirate)
MPhy, a general physical layer module in which interference of
in-flight packets is evaluated using a Gaussian Model, and an enhanced
propagation model is provided (fading with Jakes Simulator, shadowing
with Gudmonson model and path loss with Hata model)

UMTS: Link layer is derived from eurane extension [3]
Physical layer is develpoed exteding Mphy
Link and Wireless Channel
physical mobility models (standard and Gauss Markov mobility model)

i wann know anybody used umts in this extension.. i got really bad experience 
with eurane patch for umts..
please share if you got any info.
thanks in advance

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