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> Hi,
> I have been trying various options for sending TcL messages to NS
> during runtime (i.e. to send an updated location to a mobile-node) but
> as yet have had no success.
> The ultimate goal is a way to couple a mobility generator to NS and
> run them both live.
> Has anyone yet achieved this, and if so, how.

You wil have to use nse (NS emulation)

The options I have been working on are:
> 1. Pause the scheduler and then send events directly to the scheduler
> stack <-- not working well, as the halt command just terminates runtime

For this you would have to recode the scheduler, which is what NSE does

2. Setup the Tcl script to read from stdin and then send commands to
> it <-- NS doesn't completely parse the tcl script as is waiting for
> more input and so never gets to simulation runtime

forget it - the simualtion on really starts at "$NS run"

3. I believe there must be a way to use the emulate mode of NS to send
> data in through a socket that is interpreted by NS as a command, but
> haven't a clue where to start on this.

first start to put nse to work properly, only then proceed to adding suck
socket etc

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