At first, I'd like to say thanks to all those who supplied me with good
resources to learn more about computer networking and telecommunications.
 I thought that sharing the answers might help others who have the same
question, so I'm going to give a brief list of resources which one can use
to learn more about some of the most important factors in network

 [1] Computer Networks 4th Ed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum , [Chapter 5, Section
5.4 Quality of Service] : I didn't read the whole book and you may find
other sections more useful, but this part of the book gave me a view of what
should I look for to get more information.Actually it gave me a lot of good
keywords to search for.

 [2] http://whatis.techtarget.com/ : It's a good IT-specific encyclopedia.
"bandwidth" , "latency" , and "data transfer rate" definitions helped me a

A useful web page.

 [4] http://smutz.us/techtips/NetworkLatency.html : I found it wonderful.

 After reading these texts I got an overall understanding of the logic
behind packet transmission over a link.I think that's enought for a beginner
but If you could share more and better resources, I would be happy to read


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From: Mobin Yazarlou <yazarlo...@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 9:54 AM
Subject: What is a good resource to study telecommunication basics
To: ns-users@isi.edu

 Today I've installed ns-allinone-2.34 package on Linux and tried to start
learning NS but after a couple of hours I found that it needs a good
understanding of telecommunication basic concepts.Unfortunately my
knowledge, as a software engineer, about Networking is limited to
application level network programming, application level protocols like HTTP
and some other protocols like TCP/IP, UDP so I need a good resource to study
the relation between Bandwidth, Link delay, packet size and packet rate
which are essential for anyone who wants to simulate a network with NS.
 Could you share the resources by which you learned these topics with me?

 Thanks in advance,

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