Hello All,

We are considering convering a large eVB application (about 43,000
lines of code, 1,200 functions and subs and 800 visible controls, 15
forms) to NS Basic CE. This app runs fine in eVB, the executable vb
file is about 1 MB in size. I found in my testig that the executable
file size of the nsb files are larger than the files generated by eVB,
so I am concerned that I will hit the limit of NS Basic file size
(which I tested is about 2 MB).

Does anyone have a large NS Basic app and could tell me how many lines
of code and how big the nsb file is ? Did you run into some other kind
of limitation (i.e. number of objects, controls, variables, etc) of NS
Basic ? Any suggestion to reduce the size of the nsb files ?

Thanks for your help !

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