Two things:

1. What size screen did you design your app for? If it is for the usual
240x320, it will not look right on the Treo, which has a different
screen size - it's square and 240 x 240. Your program needs to allow for
this and adjust the objects as needed.

2. RunTimeFat.ARM42.exe is only for devices that do not use Windows
Mobile. It will not work on the Treo. You might want to have a look at
NS Basic/CE 8.0 which makes all of this much easier.

>Here is a message I received from a user of my application designed with
>nsb-ce 6.5:
>"Installed PocketCogo to my Palm Treo 700 wx with Windows Mobile 6
>professional CE os 5.2.1620 build18125.0.42.
>The Processor is: PXA272-312Mhz Memory is 57.38 Mb with an 4 GB sdhc
>memory card. The program executes but does not allow me to see full
>screen after Pocketcogo.nsb is doubled tapped. The file for install is
>RuntimeFat.ppc.exe with activesync. Is there a solution to re-size
>screen? Screen size is 2.5" x 2.5" diagonal."
>I then sent him RunTimeFat.ARM42.exe and this is return message:
>"The RuntimeFat.42ARM.exe gives me a windows error message to send to
>Any ideas anyone?
>Jim Schuchert
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