You might want to read through the ReadMe carefully again. If you use
Start under the Run menu, it should do everything: create an installer
and run it. After you complete all the prompts, your program will be
installed on the device, as well as the standard runtime files.

I'm not sure why you needed to run from the
shared folder.

>I may have misunderstood what 'no separate runtime' means in the
>documentation. I opened my application in the 8.0 ide, made changes and
>saved the project. I use the MS emulator 6.1.4 configured for a shared
>folder on my PC when testing. However, the standalone ".nsb" will not
>open on the emulator because it is not associated with any application.
>When I execute from the shared folder, it works
>the way it should. I haven't tried it on my device yet because I first
>wanted to get a definitive answer. I was under the impression that by
>using the 8.0 version, all I would have to send was the ".nsb" file. I
>would appreciate some clarification.
>Jim Schuchert
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