Hi Andrew,

Yes, that's correct. Hi Res is accomplished by inserting a special
resource. The desktop IDE does this - but it's a bit complex to do. If
you don't want to wait for us, you could probably accomplish it with
some DECLARE statements.

A stub running on the device could certainly call a program you have
written. If you using the CHAIN statement, it would remain in Hi Res mode.

George Henne                                     
NS BASIC Corporation

>I'd just like to say that these new html and hi-res features are
>excellent: thank you very much indeed :-)
>There's now just one little thing I would like to ask of the NS Santa. I
>would very much like to be able to make apps hires aware from the
>windows mobile ide, as I do much of my programming on the device (which
>is the main reason I bought NSB in fact). Having looked through the
>project files, I have come to the conclusion that it is the exe file
>that has the hires resource inserted, probably as a resource. That seems
>to mean I can only make a high res app on the PC.
>As the PC IDE compiled exe now includes the runtime and nsbasic code, it
>means I can't create a stub exe on the pc and then modify the NSB source
>code on the pocket pc, so it seems I am doomed not to be able to program
>hires on the device. However, maybe it would be possible to execute an
>external NSB app from a PC compiled one - if so, would the interpreter
>for that called app still be hires aware?
>What would be really nice in the next version of NSB CE would be a
>device ide that allows resources to be compiled into an exe on the
>device, including hires. I would even be willing to pay extra for that.
>Sorry if it turns out that I'm wrong and you can set hires somehow in
>the device ide. Also, please don't let this request degrade from the
>excellent new features.
>Many thanks,

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