Note - 'My Ain Kind Dearie' = 'The Lea Rigges' is a fiddle tune originally.  
So the articulation marks are likely copied after some 'primarily fiddle'  
source. I would read the slurred passages as 'poco staccato', and the  read the 
long slurred runs as phrasings - shorten the last note to separate it  clearly 
from what follows. But never slur any note into the next. 
The first half of bar 1, for example, {G/A/}BD .D.E , I would  play the {GA} 
grace very staccato. The B I would play near maximum length, and  both D's a 
bit short. But never lose sight of the phrasing of the tune - it's  the air of 
a song.
I would read 'slurred' ornaments  like in the next bar,  {G/A/B/}A>B/ 
c/B/A/G/ with each of the {G/A/B/} staccato, but try to play  them as a unit, 
belonging to the A that follows.
The last bar but one,  and the bar 4 bars earlier, have a passage B/A/  G/F/ 
G/D/E/F/. The 2nd time each pair of notes is written slurred, the 1st time  
not. The slurred pairs I would try to lengthen the first to near full length,  
shorten the second to separate from the next pair. When unslurred I would try 
to  play more even separate semiquavers, to bring out the contrast.


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