Pipers All
Piper (pipers) required,see below, for 6th June in Gnosall.
Gnosall is on the A518 between Stafford and Newport.
Leave M6 for Stafford at J13 or J14.

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Dear Neil,


Many thanks for the response.  I appreciate your comments, and can only thank 
you for making the effort you are doing, which is appreciated.


The event takes place at "Gnosall Community Centre" and we have said on the 
tickets that it will start at 8.00 and finish at 11.30.


In this age of SAT Nav's and the internet if I give you my post code it may 
help as Gnosall is quite a small village with the Community Centre being on the 
High Street.  ST20 0QS.


We would provide a meal (Hog Roast + with a few bits of Northumberland) for 
anyone who could attend and guests, say up to four, and we would pay for travel 
expenses (within reason - I'm an accountant (J).  We would envisage having the 
meal, and then having an introduction to the pipes and the playing of a couple 
of pieces, after the meal, with the band taking over after that with a Ceilidh .


We are not looking for a professional musician, but someone who can introduce 
us to this "Northumbrian" instrument.   We would just appreciate seeing it and 
hearing it live. Everyone we have mentioned it too have said "wow it would be 
great to hear it played".


Again, many thanks for taking this on board, even if nothing comes of it, I 
appreciate the fact that you are interested.


Kind regards


Frank Hogarth.


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Hello, whilst all the people involved in the Manchester group love the pipes, 
very few ever play publicly, although a group of ten or twelve have played on 
three or four occasions (church fair, charity fund raise etc.). However I will 
do what I can to help and that is:

e-mail to the members of the Manchester group who use e-mail.

discuss at the next group meeting (a week on Sat).

send it to an interenet site used as a forum by a wider group of northumbrian 

But first a few more details please. 6th June is a Friday but what time, venue 
(near Birmingham?), parking, availabilty of food if distance travelling 
involved and anything else you can think of. 



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  Dear Mr Tavernor,


  I have been given your e-mail, by Gordan Greenley, and I wonder if you are 
are able to help.


  I do wonder if it is too far for someone to come, bearing in mind it would 
only be for a small part of the evening.


  My problem is that for me the pipes are an essential part of Northumberland, 
and would just set the overall tone for the evening, and everyone who we have 
told that we were hoping to have a Northumbrian piper player there were 
absolutely delighted.


  I suppose we just want to hear, what for a lot of people is an instrument 
they don't get to hear very often.




  Frank Hogarth



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