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Matt Seattle wrote:
> It's my arrangement for Border pipes of a fiddle composition by
> Nathaniel Gow (originally in Bb and with a larger range), and never a
> song to my knowledge.

I thought it sounded much like some of your arrangements, the 'song' idea was a complete guess.

I recorded it on Out of the Flames;

I knew I'd heard it somewhere... in fact, that's where I learnt it,a good few years ago now, then found it in the book.

it has a
> personal association for me with Sharon Goodacre, late wife of Julian
> Goodacre of Peebles,

Yes, indeed, very much so.

and no, it is not characteristic of Border pipe
> repertoire, if by that we mean the variation sets of the Dixon-Peacock
> line of transmission, which (to me) represent the "Golden Thread" of
> Border piping, which (to me) encompasses open- and closed-end
> chanters.

Maybe not but it's a nice tune which sits well on the pipes and is easy to play (unless you're a highland piper); nobody on the course had come across it before.
I taught some Peacock sets, Guidwife was offered as something different.

> I once gave Jim Richmond a copy of this arrangement and he included it
> in the said tutor, with no acknowledgement of his direct source.

Such is life!

Richard Evans

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