One of the tapes in my collection of Billy Pigg items has an extended interlude 
other pipers. One is a track of Jean and Basil Clough, but the rest appear to 
George Atkinson. 
The tracks which recently surfaced in the British Library recordings are there, 
there are also some apparent "out-takes" from the "Wild Hills of Wannie" LP

I have  the Barrington Hornpipe, but followed by the Marquis of Lorne and The 
Washerwoman, which it isn't on WHW.
There is also the Complete Navvie on the LIne set from WHW.
Finally there is a set containing Jackey Layton (most of it - he breaks down 
2/3rd of the way through), Roxborough Castle with a slip in, and most of the 
Flowers of Edinburgh, again there's some fluffing in it.

Has anybody else ever come across these? (Adrian S. should have them, since my 
tapes are mostly copies of his, but otherwise?)

For the present, they are digitised, as the cassettes are getting old. I might 
getting in touch woth the original source and see if there's any more where 
came from.....


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