The most I can find on the 'Poll Ha'penny' ~ 'Holey Ha'penny'
   connection is

   on [1]

   POLL HA'PENNY (Maire Na Leat-Pingin/Pingean). AKA and see "[2]Carolan's
   Dream," "[3]Brian the Brave [1], "[4]Garrai na bhFeileoig (Garden of
   Butterflies), [5]Holey HaPenny/Halfpenny, "[6]Molly
   Halfpenny/Ha'penny," "[7]Molly MacAlpin," "[8]O'Carolan's Farewell to
   Music," "[9]Paul Ha'Penny," [10]Remember the Glories of Brian the
   Brave. Irish, Hornpipe, Long or Set Dance (4/4 time). A Dorian
   (Mulvihill). Standard tuning. AB (O'Neill/1915 & 1001): AAB
   (O'Neill/1850): AABB (Mitchell, Mulvihill, O'Neill/Krassen). The dance
   version of the air Molly MacAlpin, by the ancient harper Laurence
   OConnellan, born at Cloonmahon, County Sligo, in the mid-17th century
   (c. 1645). Donal O'Sullivan in his Carolan biography (vol. 1, p. 18)
   reported that the Irish harper and composer OCarolan (1670-1738)
   thought so highly of this tune that he was supposed to have said he
   would rather have been its composer than any of his own melodies.

   Ciaran Carson, in his book Last Nights Fun (1996) thinks it may be
   possible that the title Poll Hapenny may have derived from the English
   title Holey Hapenny, since the word poll in Irish means hole.

   See [11]Molly Macalpin for more on the history of this tune. See also
   the related English tune [12]The Radstock Jig. The famous uilleann
   piper Patsy Tuohey, one of Francis ONeills informants, recorded this
   tune on an Edison cylinder. It was recorded in modern times by whistle
   player Mary Bergin under the title Garrai na bhFeoleoig
   (Garden of Butterflies). Mulvihill (1^st Collection), 1986; No. 7, pg.
   120 (appears as Pol Hapenny). O'Neill (ONeills Irish Music), 1915; No.
   397, pg. 190. O'Neill (Krassen), 1976; pg. 208. O'Neill (Music of
   Ireland: 1850 Melodies), 1903/1979; No. 1783, pg. 333. O'Neill (Dance
   Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems), 1907/1986; No. 983, pg. 169. Bellbridge
   Records, Bobby Casey Casey in the Cowhouse (1992. Originally recorded
   1959). Mulligan MUL 027, Martin OConnor - A Connaughtmans Rambles.
   Piping Pig Records PPPCD 001, Jimmy OBrien- Moran Sean Reids Favourite

   As usual, it descends into guesswork about the place where it gets
   interesting. There seems no connection between the *tunes* 'Poll
   Ha'penny'  and 'Holey Ha'penny', at least to my ear, even with my lousy
   sense of rhythm.

   The site is less help on our 'Holey Ha'penny', unfortunately.





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