Consider corduroy.  It gives at least as good a grip as velvet,
   doesn't wear thin patches as readily, and is a heck of a lot cheaper.
   I actually prefer it to velvet.
       Going without a cover is ok until you start to sweat.  Then it can
   feel really icky.


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     I'm replacing the cover for my bag, due to replacing the leather bag
     with a longer necked one, which would otherwise poke out in an
     undignified way.
     I've only ever seen velvet used on bag covers so far. Is it just a
     tradition, or is there some reason why other cloths may be
     inappropriate? Has anyone out there any experience of other cloths
     their potential drawbacks?
     If I do end up with a different cloth, do I get excommunicated, or
     burnt, or anything like that?
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