Talking about "expression" outwith the context of tone, technique and rhythm is 
like talking about tone as detached from tuning. The most moving performances 
are always a combination of all three. One may play the greatest expression in 
the world, but if it is on an instrument the is not well tuned, it ain't music. 
If the rhythm is pushed -- as dance tunes often are from players with limited 
technique -- then it ain't music. Tone and technique are pre-requisites for 
playing good expression. 

As someone coming originally from the Highland tradition, all elements of NSP 
came fairly quickly to me -- except for the silences. I was struck very quickly 
by how well the clever players can use these to inject rhythm, feeling and 
humour into their tunes. But this ability is very much dependent on their 
mastery of technique. Without technique, expression can't get past the fingers 
and out the chanter. 

I've always been a believer, with any bagpipe, that if you want to improve your 
ability to play expressively, you do well to work on your technique. 

Jim McGillivray


On 2010-12-21, at 5:41 AM, <> wrote:

> <There is no more expression in those who can play the detached method with 
> feeling. 
> This seems an odd statement from one such as Adrian. Is there a word missing? 
> E.g. "than ..." (... in those who can play the detached method with feeling)? 
> Or shouldn't the word "no" be there?
> c
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