Hello Mike
   Ian Corrigan recommends lemon oil as a pleasant, not too viscious
   cleaning liquid.
   It also, he reckons, gives wood a near invisible but protective coat. I
   haven't tried it but think it might be worth a try. The border pipes he
   made for Paul Martin are a visual and sonic delight so I'm very happy
   to take his word on this.
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   The walking site  I use tells me it denatured alcohol you put what we
   call a meths stove
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   >    for the verdigris. . .  in this country we have a clear liquid ...
   >    "rubbing" or isopropyl alcohol.  turns out it works to get rid of
   >    green
   IPA will degrease everything in sight, but is a bit drastic. Sold in
   the UK
   as a
   computer cleaning fluid. Good for degreasing springs and metal slots,
   take oil out of your wrappings too which you don't want.
   The one we have in the UK is a form of ethyl alcohol which has been
   adulterated so
   it can't be drunk.
   Could someone fluent in both forms of English translate "methylated
   USA-speak, please?
   >    until now i have used, i thought successfully - cold press, extra
   >    virgin, olive oil.
   aaaaaaargh!    No wonder.
   If you must use olive oil you want the cheapest, nastiest, hot presssed
   cheapy variety - the exact reverse of what you have used.
   Or use neatsfoot oil (from a saddlers, but make sure it's pure oil, not
   compound which has water in it). Or liquid paraffin/mineral oil / baby
   oil /
   gel (another terminology minefield)
   >    a while ago i remember there was some discussion of oils. . .
   And then another one, and then another one. Its one of the recurrent
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