My SSP set is gold-plated (no keys) and looks as good as new 15 years on now.
My NSP (only a few years old) is silver-plated and also looks as good as new.  
But the gold really stands out, so if you can afford the extra cost, it's 
really worthwhile!


On Jan 14, 2011, at 5:29 PM, Julia Say wrote:

> On 14 Jan 2011, Colin wrote: 
>> Gold fittings won't tarnish (well, people have gold flutes so why not).
> There are gold-plated sets. The cost, in the current metals market, involves 
> the 
> phrase "arm and a leg" when compared to silver plate though. Gold plate is 
> also 
> applied much thinner than silver plate (to keep the cost down, presumably). 
> So it 
> might wear through on much used keys for example.
> It's probably cheaper than a solid silver set right now even so.
> Julia
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