The best way to get a David Burleigh C# key would be to ask David.


On 21 Feb 2011, at 19:15, wrote:

>   OK folks, have a good laugh. I`ve fettled a 17 key F chanter from David
>   = Burleigh for Helene Moelo. Unfortunately we can=E2=80=99t play any
>   duets in= D because the wee C# key is missing. Has anybody got a spare
>   Burleigh type= C# out there that they could lend, hire out, or even
>   sell ? Helene`s new p= ipes are going to take a while yet.
>    P.S. in case any of you guys think it is down the back of the sofa= ,
>   lying around at Hartburn,  or in an old pipe case, it is not. I got =
>   the chanter a few years ago in a sorry 16 key state from the South of
>   Germa= ny a few years ago.
>   Cheers now
>   Ina
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