My thought is that there aren't enough long chanters and extended range players to form a solid judgement at the moment.

I don't think it will be either an 'annoying one-off' nor yet a 'more logical trend'. There are already quite a number of 'specials' around but anyone buying a top end set or chanter will know about this.

It occurs to me that If the key holes are in line it would be relatively trivial to rework to the other arrangement (just needs two new keys). My personal preference given the 14 keys you specify would be CB - for the reasons that Inky Adrian gave in his first missive. But it wouldn't put me off - especially if I could reset it.

FWIW and to illustrate the specials point - I saw a CBA arrangement (complete opposite to mine) on a custom Burliegh chanter this last weekend...



On 10/05/2011 13:33, Philip Gruar wrote:
Can I (temporarily?) get this thread back on track and ask my original question again?

There have been some promising replies coming - and Adrian began to develop a useful thread which has now gone off into rarefied realms of temperament and drones when playing in C major.

However ... If I make a "normal" 14-key chanter, designed around playing in G and D, with just low B and C keys ARRANGED B-LEFT C-RIGHT plus a C# on the right-hand side, BUT (and this seems to be a critical factor) without a low A, am I going to produce a wierd one-off thing which will annoy future players who may own it after the immediate client passes on, OR will I be helping forward a more logical trend of pipe-making and playing?

(sorry about the catitals - I'm not shouting, just emphasising :-)  )

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I don't understand the reference to temperament here.

It may be irrelevant, Chris, I'm rather busy and have a lot going on in my head. I
don't claim to have thoroughly thought through every word of my posting.


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