On 17 May 2011, Vernon Levy wrote: 

>   Leek growing was another area of
> expertise where tempers ran high when secrets were shared and custom and 
> practice
> challenged.  I witnessed many vehement arguments regarding the growing of 
> exhibition
> leeks and wondered how grown men could allow themselves to be dominated by the
> obsession with secrecy and the preservation of the  status quo.

In the time I have lived here (9 years), allotments have been destroyed, 
greenhouses burnt, and family feuds are alive and well. 

Mostly over leeks......they're an argumentative lot, locally. (I can hear a few 
you say "no....really?"). Barry & I were lightly postulating earlier today that 
was due to residual Viking genes which descended to the reivers (an equally 
argumentative bunch).
Not surprising then that pipemakers, some of them of reiver descent, also have 
difficulty agreeing.

Back on topic, Jim Bryan told me that he was told off for publishing the 
secrets of 
pipemaking. There was also a " lively discussion" with another person at the 
as to whether it was adequate. 


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