Hello Adrian, where to start?
   1) Making money - ha ha tell that to my wife who continues to meet the
   shortfall in my music activities. True, the school paid me for Alice's
   lessons but this involved either a 240 mile round trip for her and a 55
   mile round trip for me or a 240 mile round trip for me.
   Once tax, NI and travelling expenses where taken off what was left
   could hardly be classed as making money. As for my other ventures I
   suggest you talk to the people involved who would put you right on my
   money making acumen.
   2) Alice bought a keyed instrument which had been developed more than
   100 years before she was born. Sher can hardly be blamed for being,
   possibly, the first piper ever to make such full use of its
   3) Alice does see the limitations as you describe and what I've
   been hesitant to mention
   is that she made her fiddle debut on that Wednesday concert!
   4) She does already have a second woodwind instrument - the clarinet.
   She has just turned down a full scholarship to study this at the Royal
   Northern College of Music in favour of studying a more general music
   degree at York. This will hit her pocket to the tune of about -L-30,000
   pounds but will enable her to spend a good amount of time piping and
   bring her geographically closer to WGB headquarters!
   Saying money is a driving force in any of our ventures is a bit cynical
   and plain wrong!
   Your views can be entertaining if there's a grain of truth in them but
   just silly if not.
   If you haven't got the facts to hand just ask - I'm more than happy to
   keep in touch.
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      Hello all,
      to play so many notes with the thumb? What sort of instrument is
      First it was holes, fingered, then a Top A key? Then more key's,7.
      more key's,17. Whatever!
      We now have some-one playing 60-odd key's in 78 note's? Correct me
      I'm wrong.
      This is very strange.
      The correct playing method will die and people, like you Anthony ,
      make money.
      I'm not influenced by money.
      I do promote the correct way of playing the Northumberland
      as does Mr Ormston; for free!
      I hope the Northumberland small-pipes would die, as Tom Breckon's
      agreed with me, it should.
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