The obvious topic is tunes with a reference to the season (winter,
soltice, Christmas, Hogmany, New Year). I suggest we pick a tune we
all want to play and then combine it with one or more other tunes, as
suggested by Barry Say. The primary tune would be one we all agree on,
and the secondary tunes would be personal choices. The primary tune
wouldn't have to be played first. As always, fun is the goal.
To get the ball rolling, here are some tunes with reference to winter:
"Winter Night Schottische" Kerr 2
"The Winter Wren" (completely self serving) in Julia's forthcoming NPS book
"New Christenmiss Day" #259 THE GREAT NORTHERN TUNE BOOK
"My Lodging is on the Cold, Cold Ground" Yellow Book
"Jack Frost" Green Book
There are many more obvious and better choices. What do you want to
play or hear played?

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