Not me, I'm there as Wolves1877


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Marcus, are you posting on the E&S site as Bob Wolf?!
Bob Wolf said: Aug 17th, 2009 at 12:02 pm 

Why don’t we actually play Ward up front if we are short - isn’t he supposed to 
be a striker?? 

He certainly isn’t a left back!! 

Get rid of Mick and get Ince in quick!!!


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Marcus Chantry
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Really? I can record it if anyone thinks that we'll get a result.


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Ward is out I think.
Stearman    Mancini    Fanny   Big George
Jarvis    Milijas    Henry     Edwards     Surman
Wigan 0 - Wolves 1 (Milijas)
Is it not on telly tomorrow?

2009/8/18 Nick Curtis <>

        Nah, he'll play
        ward, craddock, mancienne, stearman
        across the back

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        > Express & Star website reports MM saying both Halford and Ward will
        > play. I reckon he'll play Vokes up front oh his own, push Keogh out
        > wide on right and slot Halford in at right back
        > On Aug 18, 11:00 am, "Rog & Rita" <> wrote:
        > > Humour has returned to MM and on a grand scale.
        > > Thought there'd be only one tool on there who'd suggest putting 
        > up
        > > front BY HIMSELF but no, there are quite a few.
        > > Reminds me of the QPR game many moons ago when McGhoo (was it?)
        > played
        > > Corica up front by himself.
        > >
        > > With our injuries we may have to get Corica back, at least he can
        > score
        > > occasionally now.

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