I agree that there have been some good performances this season, but I
think our current position in the table is more a reflection of how bad
some of the teams below us have been (particularly Hull & Burnley) and
also the fact that Pompey have imploded, rather than any reflection of
the genius that MM possesses.  Even though we currently sit in 14th
position we are still only 3 points from a relegation spot with only our
goal difference giving us any kind of security over the teams below us.
If we do finish mid-table by stringing a couple of wins together before
the end of the season then great, but MM hasn't displayed any signs that
indicate that he can lift this side from a technical/tactical point of
view.  If we have aspirations of challenging the top half of the table
in the next few years then we need to be looking at managers of a
slightly higher calibre who can challenge the likes of Mancini, O'Neill,
Moyes, Redknapp et al on a tactical level, and I personally don't think
Mick has that in him. 
I don't think MM should be sacked on basis of under-performance.  His
achievements should be acknowledged and at the same time he should be
encouraged to stand-aside in the interests of furthering the progress of
Wolverhampton Wanderers (which would coincide with him walking out the
exit door with a nice payout).  A 1970 Bedford Bus might be sufficient
to get a team to-and-from matches in the lower divisions but when it
comes to competing at the highest level (including Europe) the Bedford
simply isn't going to cut it and the club would need to upgrade its
equipment.  Coaching staff are like pieces of equipment, they can
perform to a certain level but if you want to move past that level, you
need to be better equipped with more refined and more flexible tools.
Whilst MM is most certainly a tool, he's not the right type to get us
any higher in this division.
Just my thoughts (in a totally non-negative way).


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A number of people on here said at the end of previous seasons that he'd
taken us as far as he could and we're now looking like finishing
mid-table in one of the world's best leagues.  Presumably this continues
every season until it goes wrong and all the nay-sayers can say "See, I
told you Mick was no good."  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
I don't see what the goals-for total has got to do with it when points
win prizes.  Remember "One nil to the Arsenal?"
If MM gets sacked for what he's done this season then we should all be
worried about our jobs as no one is safe.  There have been plenty of
good performances this season season to make it enjoyable, and almost
offset the tedium of negativity from so-called Wolves fans.

On 13 April 2010 17:51, Paul Crowe <pcr...@contechengineering.com>

        Absolutely Buckley's chance of this happening. The intention of
my email was to explore what people think we need to do in terms of us
consolidating our position in the Premier League?


        One argument is that MM has taken us as far as possible and we
need someone with different ideas / skills to take us to the next level.
Another is that MM has had his best ever year in the Prem, has learned a
lot and should be given an opportunity next season to improve the team


        It will be interesting to see who MM buys in the summer,
hopefully he can get most of the money back on the Hoff, Halford and
Surman. Cash in on SEB his heart doesn't seem to be in it for us


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        Maybe so, but what are the chances of that happening? How can we
get rid of "our best Manager in 30 years"?
        Next year with more confidence, our run won't be built upon our
defence like this year (which has been pretty good in comparison to
others). With a bit more dosh and quality MM may be able to build the
squad, but will he spend wisely enough? I can't see him being booted
unless we are in trouble. It will be a big call if he is let go.


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        hear, hear



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        Subject: [NSWolves] MM to be replaced at end of season?

        Who thinks we should replace MM at the end of the season?


        Let's face it 10 goals in all home games this season is not
going to be acceptable again!!


        As for the 4-5-1 tactics that have apparently saved our season,
these will not work again next season. Other Manager's now know how we
play and will change tactics to beat us.


        As much as I like the man I think he has taken us as far as he
can and is capable of. He should be given a big pat on the back, a nice
golden handshake and sent on his way. Moxey can join him at the Taxi
rank as well.


        Time for a new broom and fresh ideas.


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